Radiant heating involves the direct transfer of heat to objects and people through infrared waves. Radiant heating heats the surfaces of the objects themselves, whilst convection heating heats the air in between the objects. Radiant heaters produce an even heat using minimal energy requirements because they do not require fans to distribute heat in the same way as convective heaters do. In large open indoor spaces, radiant heating is extremely efficient and effective as it provides targeted warmth to the people and objects below, and allows zoning of the heat. Radiant heat is the only viable option for heating outdoor spaces where there is considerable air movement.
Convective heating involves heating the air surrounding objects within a space. Utilising natural air movement, convection heating can be a quick and effective method for heating small enclosed, well-insulated spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, classrooms and offices. However, convective heating can be an impractical and inefficient means of heating large open spaces with high ceilings and poor insulation such as halls, libraries, shops, large classrooms, restaurants, open plan offices and studios etc., as the heated air rises to the ceiling or is lost through poor insulation, rather than remain in the area that people occupy.

Many conventional heaters rely on convection heating which works by heating the surrounding air. As there is typically constant air movement in an outdoor or open indoor area, this can be quite impractical for these areas, as this heated air can easily blow away with natural air movement. Radiant style heaters transfer heat directly to objects through infra-red waves heating the surface of the objects themselves, whilst convection heaters heat the air in between objects. HEATSTRIP ® electric radiant heaters are more effective within an outdoor or indoor area because they provide targeted warmth directly to the people and objects in their path. The radiant heat of HEATSTRIP ® can provide effective and energy efficient comfort heating for outdoor and indoor open areas. HEATSTRIP ® has successfully enabled many entertainment venues such as restaurants, pubs and clubs to utilise their outdoor dining areas day and night, through all seasons. Within your workplace or business, HEATSTRIP ® can provide comfort heating for designated outdoor smoking and leisure areas, as well as for workstation spot heating in factories, warehouses and showrooms. Within your home, HEATSTRIP ® can provide comfort heating for undercover alfresco dining and BBQ area, patios, verandas, courtyards and balconies. HEATSTRIP ® heaters are Australian designed, engineered and manufactured, with local support and service, offering you the assurance that you are purchasing a quality product.

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For the majority of outdoor applications, the most effective method is to spot heat a table or similar area. The Positioning diagrams in the product pages provide an easy selection guide for the approximate model and quantity of heaters required to heat common residential table settings. Please refer to HEATSTRIP® Product Manuals in the Product pages for more detailed information. Or, visit the Downloads page.


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